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Purchasing a property in Spain

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Purchasing a property in Spain - Time to buy in Spain Purchasing a property in Spain - Time to buy in Spain Purchasing a property in Spain - Time to buy in Spain

The assistance of a solicitor is not required in Spain by Law, nor is mandatory, to represent and assist a buyer or seller of a property while completing the transaction. However, it is quite advisable to engage legal help. The reasons are numerous and do start in the obvious fact of a different language and also completely different legal system to those jurisdictions of Anglo-Saxon rule.

Our conveyancing package covers every aspect of transfer of ownership and has been designed with foreign clients in mind. A purchase of a property involves several and different angles: administrative (Council bills, Licenses, etc.), legal (registration, title deeds, liens and embargos, etc.), financial (taxes, mortgages), and others, hence it is quite important to have all these mentioned angles covered.

In normal circumstances a minimum of two weeks is required, but in some specific cases when issues are found it does take up to four weeks or even more if the transaction has a specific circumstance which needs to be handled or dealt with.

A buyer (or seller) can go personally or can give power of attorney to a third party, but it is one or the other. A property cannot be bought in Spain without attending personally the signing or giving power of attorney before a public notary (in the UK or Spain).

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